Bringing Coaches, Clubs and Players together.
Starting with a Coach Led World Record


We want Club Power to be the most trusted brand for grassroots community tennis activation and engagement events delivered through professional tennis coaches. Participants will pay to have great fun, fantastic social engagement and be part of something that will deliver lasting societal value.

We serve Coaches, Clubs, Players, Charities, Sponsors and Suppliers who want to see tennis thrive, with the unyielding desire to work with the real superheroes of tennis, our coaches.

Improve Coaches

We provide tennis coaches with new and exciting business models to increase their value to existing clients and grow new tennis clients, through innovative technology and large scale events with social purpose.

Activate Players

By making coaches the hero of their communities, we assist in providing Players with compelling reasons to play. 

Club Power aims to create 100 Superhero Coaches and 25,000 activated tennis players

Grow Clubs

Grassroots Clubs are the heart of our community and in the majority of cases they struggle to find the money to fund the growth of their dreams and aspirations. Our aim is to change the funding process.



Under the brand, Club Power will partner with over

100+ community focused tennis coaches to engage over 15,000 participants to hundreds of  sports activation events, running the latest in video analytics and gamification, to vastly improve user experiences.

It is anticipated that activation events like the 1MB4$1MB Challenge will bind the coach, club and player and provide participation opportunities for people sitting on the edge of our great game. Contact us now to organise your first activation event. Let's work together!



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