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To those amazing, dedicated Volunteers who currently give their time to "Not for Profit" Clubs, Charities and Community Service Organisations around the world, we say a huge thank you!

The FIREFLY Initiative acknowledges that TIME is the most valuable asset we all possess.

Therefore, the contribution of your time for the greater good of the community should be rewarded.

The great part about joining the FIREFLY Initiative is that for every hour you give to your volunteer organisation, we reward you and the Community Organisation for the time contributed.

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A Simple Process

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Commit your time to your organisation as you normally would.

Capture that time using the FIREFLY app.

Receive FIREFLY Time Tokens (FTT) as recognition of the volunteering time you give to your Community Organisation

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Redeem your FIREFLY Time Tokens to purchase goods and services and other benefits.

Redeeming Your FIREFLY Time Token Rewards

The FIREFLY Time Token is a recording system that allows us to Capture & Record Volunteering Efforts.

The Token can be exchanged in the FIREFLY Network in the following ways:

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Goods & Services

The FIREFLY Initiative has developed a unique platform that provides all business partners an opportunity to promote their brand, and deliver exceptional value goods and services to Volunteers and Community Organisations.

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A FIREFLY Member can elect to donate their FIREFLY Time Token back to the organisation they support.

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A FIREFLY Member can elect to hold and save their FIREFLY Time Token which will increase in value over time.

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Each FIREFLY Time Token can be exchanged directly for cash.

Every hour you volunteer benefits your organisation, you and the greater community.

FIRST 100 Registrations Only

Take the step and lead the way in your volunteering organisation, join the FIREFLY Initiative and enjoy the benefits of being rewarded for the time you commit to volunteering and have your organisation benefit too.

For the first 100 FIREFLY registrations we are saying thank you with a credit of 5 FIREFLY Time Tokens to get you started.

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